How to make bacon butties!

I’ve talked about these enough so I better tell you how to make them. This is a good way to ration bacon because bacon isn’t the cheapest of things if you’re having it daily. I make these every 3 days and have them for a quick snack if needed, or for breakfast or lunch. They are delicious and you will mow through them and the rest of the family will too!

  • You need a muffin-baking tray.
  • You need 10-12 eggs.
  • You need bacon

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. With your muffin tray you grease it with BUTTER to stop anything sticking. You then take a slice of bacon and lay it around the walls of each of the muffin holes. You then crack your eggs into a container and whisk them up. After this you simply pour the egg mixture with salt and pepper into each of the holes. Then you put the muffin tray in the oven for 15mins (give or take) and that’s it. Leave to cool or eat warm.

Play around with this recipe. You can add onion to the mixture. Add an olive in each of the holes for a bit of extra flavor if needed. Add finely chopped mushroom, bacon bits all together and place in the mixture. You can also let cheese melt on top after 10-12mins too. Be creative!

Below is a pic of pre and post (but in this case I didn’t mix the eggs I simply made whole egg ones. I’ve since found out that it’s better to mix the eggs and to make an omelet type mixture. Just be careful how quickly you pour it into the holes!